Top Reasons EV Owners Need To Consider Solar Panels

Top Reasons EV Owners Need To Consider Solar Panels

When you’re deciding how to source energy for your home, you need helpful and reliable information. Understanding and choosing a solar energy solution is easier than you may think. No doubt you’re searching “solar companies near me” to learn what you need to know. Keep reading to find out how you can tap into renewable energy, gain energy independence, and reduce your electric bills.  

Harness Renewable Energy

Solar panels allow you to capture, store, and use energy from the sun. Using a simple process, solar panels convert this energy into electricity. Through the photovoltaic effect, photovoltaic cells inside each solar panel generate electrical current.

PV cells contain two layers of semiconductor material. When sunlight strikes the solar panel, photons in the light knock electrons loose from atoms in the PV cells’ semiconductor materials. This creates DC electrical current, which is converted into usable AC current through inverter devices.

Unlike fossil fuels, the sun is a virtually limitless supply of energy. As long as Earth remains habitable, we can enjoy the benefits of this free energy supply. Sophisticated tools such as solar panels let us tap into that energy, bypassing potential energy shortages and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Gain Energy Independence

As a renewable source, solar energy affords you many options for powering your home. You can choose a completely off-grid system or a grid-tied setup. If you’re not sure which option is best for you, you can consult with your preferred provider for solar panel installation in Houston

Off-Grid Systems

Solar panels can provide power completely off the grid by routing the power they generate into large-capacity batteries. Your home draws power from these batteries, allowing you to become completely self-sufficient. While an off-grid solar panel system does have higher upfront costs, they are scalable to meet your specific needs. If you’re in a remote area where energy independence is critical, an off-grid system may be your ideal solution. 

Grid-Tied Systems

Grid-tied solar power systems work on a similar premise but use the local grid as a backup source of power. Power inverters for these systems are also tied to the grid, distributing power produced by the solar panels into the grid itself. You draw less power from the grid while also helping supply it, lowering your overall energy costs. The only major drawback is a lack of battery backups, which means you may still lose power when the grid goes down. 

Reduce Your Electric Bill

Both off-grid and grid-tied systems allow you to produce your own power. Off-grid systems allow you to avoid being reliant on your local power company, while a grid-tied system can lower your overall bill. While there isn’t a statewide solar tax credit in Texas, federal and local incentives can also take a bite out of the cost of upgrading to solar power. Texas solar tax credit options include local incentives for solar power, battery backups, and other upgrades.

Doing your homework is the first step in making the best energy supply choices. Whether off-grid or grid-tied, solar power offers many benefits for your home.

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