how to clean basketball shoes

This Is How to Clean Basketball Shoes the Right Way

Signature basketball shoes can cost hundreds of dollars a pair. So, you’ll want to learn how to clean them correctly so they don’t get trashed. 

Do you know the proper way of cleaning basketball shoes? What cleaning supplies can help you shine bright like a superstar on the court each season?

Stick around for the complete guide on how to clean basketball shoes and keep them looking fresh!

Hand Wash Laces

When cleaning your basketball shoes, it’s essential to take the extra time and effort to do it correctly. One crucial step in this process is to hand wash the laces.

Remove the laces from the shoes and gently scrub them with mild soap and warm water. Rinse them thoroughly and let them air dry before re-lacing your shoes. This will help remove any dirt or grime build-up and prevent the laces from shrinking or getting damaged in the washing machine.

By hand washing your laces, you can ensure that your basketball shoes will stay in top condition, making you ready to hit the court confidently. You can also use Jordan 1 laces, that is very aesthetic and affordable.

Use a Gentle Brush

Using a gentle brush is critical when knowing how to clean basketball shoes. Whether you’re playing on indoor or outdoor courts, basketball shoes are bound to accumulate dirt, dust, and grime. But instead of using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, a gentle brush is the best tool for the job.

Remember, using a gentle brush is the key to cleaning basketball shoes correctly.

Buy Safe Cleaning Powder

Cleaning your sneaker collection is essential for not only maintaining their appearance but also for prolonging their lifespan. However, using the wrong cleaning products can cause more harm than good.

That is why using a safe and effective cleaning powder designed explicitly for shoes is essential. This type of cleaning powder not only removes dirt and stains but also helps to protect the material of your basketball shoes.

Simply sprinkle the powder onto the shoes, use a brush to scrub away any dirt, and then wipe clean with a damp cloth. With the suitable cleaning powder, your basketball shoes will look fresh and clean for every game. 

Air Dry

One of the critical steps on how to clean basketball shoes is to let them air dry. This may seem like a simple task, but it is crucial to maintain your shoes’ quality and longevity.

After giving your shoes a good scrub, thoroughly rinse off any excess residue. Then, stuff your shoes with paper towels or a towel to help absorb excess moisture.

Place your shoes in a well-ventilated area and allow them to air dry completely. Avoid placing them near direct heat sources, as this can cause damage to the material. Following these steps, you can ensure your basketball shoes are clean and ready for your next game.

Learning the Basics of How to Clean Basketball Shoes

Maintaining clean basketball shoes is crucial for both performance and longevity. Following the steps on how to clean basketball shoes, you can effectively remove dirt and grime from your shoes without damaging them. So don’t wait any longer, start cleaning your basketball shoes the right way today and elevate your game!

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