Poe Behead Support

Mastering Path of Exile: The Ultimate Guide to Poe Behead Support

If you’re a dedicated Path of Exile (PoE) player, you already know that the game’s complexity can be both thrilling and challenging. One key to success in PoE is to understand and utilize the myriad support gems available, each with unique abilities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into the PoE Behead Support gem, shedding light on its mechanics, applications, and how to maximize its potential in your gameplay.

Understanding the Poe Behead Support Gem

In Path of Exile, support gems are essential components that enhance the skills they are linked to. Poe Behead Support is no exception, and here’s what you need to know:

1. The Basics of Behead Support

  • Behead Support is a support gem that, when linked with an attack skill, adds the beheading mechanic.
  • It’s categorized as a “Melee” and “Physical” support gem, so it mainly benefits melee characters with physical damage.

2. Behead Mechanics

  • When you link Behead Support to an attack skill, it adds a chance to behead enemies.
  • Beheading an enemy grants a significant damage bonus and a temporary movement speed increase.
  • The chance to behead and the effects of beheading can be improved through gem levels and other modifiers.

How to Use Poe Behead Support

Now, let’s explore practical applications of the Behead Support gem in your PoE adventures.

3. Gem Linking

  • To utilize Behead Support, you need to link it with an appropriate attack skill gem.
  • Popular choices include Cyclone, Blade Flurry, or any other melee attack skill with physical damage.

4. Building Around Behead Support

  • To maximize the effectiveness of this support gem, build your character with a focus on physical damage, critical strikes, and attack speed.
  • Passive skill tree nodes, items, and ascendancy choices that boost these attributes are crucial.

5. Synergies with Other Support Gems

  • Behead Support can be combined with various other support gems, such as Brutality, Melee Physical Damage, or Fortify, to create powerful combinations.

Advantages of Using Behead Support

6. Increased Damage

  • Beheading enemies provides a significant damage bonus, making it a valuable addition to your damage output.

7. Enhanced Mobility

  • The temporary movement speed boost after beheading ensures that you can quickly navigate through challenging encounters.

8. Potential for Crowd Control

  • The damage bonus from beheading can help you eliminate tough foes faster, potentially reducing the threats in crowded battles.

Strategies for Optimizing Behead Support

9. Gem Leveling

  • Level up your Behead Support gem to increase the chance to behead and the damage bonus it provides.
  • Quality bonuses can further enhance its performance.

10. Critical Strikes

High critical strike chance can increase the frequency of beheadings, leading to more damage and mobility.

11. Attack Speed

Faster attack speed means more chances to trigger beheading, making your character more efficient in combat.

Sample Behead Support Builds

12. Dual-Wielding Cyclone Slayer

A popular choice that utilizes Cyclone and Behead Support to deal massive damage and clear maps swiftly.

13. Two-Handed Blade Flurry Champion

A slow and powerful build that relies on Blade Flurry and Behead Support for incredible single-target damage.

14. Max Block Gladiator with Reave

This build uses the Reave skill in combination with Behead Support to become nearly invincible in battles.


In the world of Path of Exile, the Behead Support gem can be a game-changer for melee characters seeking more damage and mobility. Understanding its mechanics, utilizing synergies, and optimizing your character build are keys to success. Experiment with different setups, and you’ll be well on your way to mastering this powerful support gem and dominating your PoE adventures.

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