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The Jeep XJ Off-Road Experience: Fox Shock Absorbers for the Win

Off-roading is a lifestyle all its own. The lure of freedom and adventure seem irresistible to many. If you are one of these, you may own a Jeep XJ, a vehicle built to take you off paved roads to explore. Your durable off-roader needs equally rugged parts, such as Fox shocks for Jeep XJ. These shocks are designed to help you ride easier on rough terrain. Multiple features make them a useful addition to your off-roading experience. 

Advanced Technology and Features

Fox has been designing and advancing shock technology for decades. The company ethos is to continually seek new developments for greater performance. With this pedigree, these shock absorbers have many innovative features, including: 

  • Complete serviceability for a longer life
  • Valving for specific uses to enhance performance
  • Heat-treated spherical bearings
  • Anodized, machined components
  • Tuned for maximum performance

These shocks also feature damping control, which allows for on-road comfort and reliable off-road performance. 

Real Off-Road Experiences

When you are off-roading, shock absorbers help keep your vehicle stable, your ride comfortable, and your handling reliable. Trusting your off-road experience to the Fox 985-26-109 shock absorber helps you make the most of each adventure. 


Shock absorbers help minimize movements of your vehicle’s springs, thereby helping you maintain stability over rough terrain. They work with your vehicle’s entire suspension system to keep your vehicle stable on the surface. 


Shock absorbers resist a vehicle’s up-and-down bouncing motions and help maintain a smoother ride for your Jeep XJ, no matter how rough the terrain. They help prevent bone-rattling jolts. 


Shock absorbers help to control your vehicle’s swaying motions as well as bouncing. In this way, they contribute to more secure vehicle handling, even over the roughest areas. By controlling the amount of energy between the terrain and your vehicle, shocks also help your braking system work well, a key to staying safe when off-roading. 

Maintaining Your Shocks

With the crucial role shock absorbers play in keeping your off-road experience safe and comfortable, maintaining them should be a priority. There are several key ways to do this, including: 

  • Keep your shocks clean – Use a rubber safe soap or have the undercarriage cleaned at a car wash. Avoid power washers.
  • Maintain your tires – Keep your vehicle’s tires aligned, and check tire pressure regularly. 
  • Drive carefully – Avoid driving over bumps quickly, which puts wear on the shocks. Making sudden stops is also hard on shocks. 
  • Look for leaks – If oil is dripping from your vehicle’s shock absorbers, they need to be checked. 

If you need shocks and struts replacement, turn to an online automotive parts retailer for the parts you need. 

Off-roading requires confidence behind the wheel. The right shock absorbers are vital in helping you control your vehicle during off-road adventures. They enhance stability and improve handling. The right shock absorbers also keep your ride more comfortable so you can focus on getting the most from your off-roading time. A reliable online automotive parts retailer is a convenient source for shocks and everything you need. 

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