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Senior Care Solutions: Medicare, Health, and How to Age Well

America is a greying country, with almost one in five citizens now over the age of 65.

This figure is expected to grow substantially, meaning our country faces a rising tide of healthcare costs as the population grows older. If you are wondering how to navigate your health in your golden years, it’s natural to feel somewhat stressed.

After all, medical costs are already at record highs, and not all of us will be able to expect good health in our later years. With that in mind, here are some tips for navigating senior care solutions and staying healthier in old age. 

Senior Care Solutions: Medicare

First, let’s start with senior Medicare. Like millions of Americans, you may not be able to afford the high price tag that comes with high-quality senior health insurance.

However, this is where Medicare comes in. Medicare is available to Americans aged 65 and over, provided they also meet certain income requirements (which vary by state).

This Federal Government insurance program is designed to provide you with affordable insurance for a range of senior health needs. Medicare can cover nursing home stays, inpatient hospital treatment, prescriptions, and end-of-life care.

The coverage you are afforded and your copay will depend entirely on your state of residence and your individual financial circumstances. Medicare and Medicaid are vast, complex healthcare programs.

To find out what kind of coverage you can get, make sure to consult a free senior citizen Medicare advisor such as Services like these will assess your situation and find the best possible plan for your needs. 

Health Considerations for Seniors

Like all age groups, senior citizens have health needs that are specific to them and the stage of life they are in. Physical fitness takes on a whole new dimension, as older people experience muscle deterioration at much faster rates than younger people.

Memory care is also a major consideration, as conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s almost exclusively affect the older population.

Preventative care is also much more important, with screenings for many different types of cancers and cardiovascular problems being targeted towards senior citizens. Knowing the specific health challenges you may be at risk of is essential for securing the right health coverage and achieving healthy aging. 

How to Age Well

There are many ways to age well. Even the most common senior health problems are preventable with the right lifestyle changes.

Ensuring you get the extra nutrition you may need is important, as is cutting out unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and consuming foods high in saturated fat. Maintaining an active social life and engaging in lifelong learning are well-proven to stave off physical and mental decline.

You might also need to make adjustments to your living situation. Adding a grab bar in the shower or a stairlift can make a huge difference to your quality of life.

Look After Your Health, No Matter Your Age

Finding the right senior care solutions for healthier golden years is all about knowledge. Knowing yourself, your needs, and your options will equip you with the tools to enjoy a high quality of life at all ages.

For more tips on how to stay healthy at any age, we have got you covered. Make sure to consult our dedicated Health guides to learn more.

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