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How to Select Seeds for Cultivating Healthy Marijuana Plants

Selecting seeds that possess desirable characteristics is challenging if you wish to cultivate marijuana. Such seeds will grow into robust plants with the tastiest buds and increased produce. Choosing the finest weed seeds is necessary for growing quality plants with large yields. Unfortunately, not all weed seeds possess the same quality.

You require male pollinators and female weed plants if you want to cultivate the seeds on a commercial scale. However, the pollination and fertilization processes may not be effective. Feminized seeds are the solution to avoid such complications. They grow into female plants that yield consumable buds.

It would help to consider certain things when choosing cannabis seeds for planting. The tips discussed below are helpful.

Viable seeds

Select seeds capable of sprouting. It would help if you looked out for dark brown and black seeds or those with a mix of both colors. Sativa strains possess one color and are smaller than the indica. Conversely, indica seeds come with a blend of both colors. Besides, it would help if you didn’t plant green seeds since they won’t germinate.


As a commercial weed grower, you should endeavor to select weed seeds that will offer the qualities that consumers want. Sativa seeds relieve chronic pain, improve mood, and ease stress and anxiety. They trigger creative and energizing sensations in users. The sativa weed seeds are suitable for daytime usage. 

The indica relieves minor pain and insomnia. They can ease symptoms of nausea and have a relaxing effect, helping you sleep more efficiently. Due to the sleepy effect, the strain is suitable for night use.

Male or female seeds

Most marijuana growers prefer planting female seeds to males. The seeds become female plants, cannabis bud-producing plants. Also, they are an excellent choice for producers who need concentrated cannabis. It may be a good idea to cultivate feminized cannabis seeds to obtain plants that produce consumable buds.

Many cannabis seed companies offer “regulars.”  Such seeds will give you plants with male and female parts. However, the latter doesn’t produce buds. If consumable buds are your priority, opt for feminized seeds. You will get exclusively female plants.

Plant maturity

Indica plants have short stems, while their sativa counterparts are tall. Compared to sativa plants, indica strains reach maturity sooner. However, it takes about 10 to 32 weeks for weed seeds to germinate, grow, and mature. Growing cannabis auto-flower seeds or clones can quicken the process. 

Besides, indica can resist more stress than sativa. This quality makes it an ideal option for beginners likely to make mistakes when cultivating the plants. The sativa plants produce larger yields than the indica. It is possible to benefit from the qualities of both strains if you grow hybrid marijuana plants. However, the characteristics of one strain may dominate the other.

Starting with a trial run can make cultivating cannabis plants easier for you. You can begin with affordable strains to minimize losses until you gain enough experience. Using high-quality seeds will increase your yield. Sourcing weed seeds from reputable seed companies is the best option. Such seed banks will ensure that they supply precisely the offers they advertise.

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