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How Much Does Commercial Exterior Painting Really Cost?

If a house needs a facelift, a business likely needs one too. If your building looks shoddy and old, it could be losing customers.

Getting a commercial exterior painting job can make your company look more presentable and improve its value.

Are you curious about how much commercial exterior painting will cost? Many variables affect the price, so know all of them.

We can help with that. Here is what you need to know about painting a commercial building to determine the cost.

Labor Costs for This Painting

Generally speaking, painting for a large commercial building will cost significantly more than a residential home. For larger buildings, the cost can go up to $5-7 per square foot. For smaller commercial buildings, the labor cost for exterior painting can range from $2.50 to $4.50 per square foot.

You may save money on labor costs if you are willing to do the prep work yourself or use a spray gun to apply the paint. Depending on the extent of the work, you may also need to hire additional workers to help with the painting process. With the help of an experienced painting contractor, you can achieve a quality job that will last for years to come.

Materials Costs for This Painting

Generally, the materials used for a commercial exterior painting range from $3,000 to $8,000. This includes the cost of primer, paints, and other materials needed for the job, such as masking tape, sandpaper, and rollers. To ensure a quality job, using the best paint colors, such as the highest grade of exterior paint available, is essential.

While the cost of the materials may be higher, they will last longer, require fewer coats, and look significantly better than a cheaper grade of paint. It’s essential to factor the cost of the materials into the budget when pricing out an exterior painting job, as it can greatly impact the overall cost.

Ways to Save Money

One way to save money is to research painting materials beforehand to ensure you get the best quality for the lowest price. You may also want to consider using recycled or reclaimed materials, as this can save on costs while still providing an attractive finish. Additionally, be sure to plan and schedule the job when it is least busy, as this will help to reduce labor costs.

Finally, hire commercial painting services that offer discounts or bulk pricing for larger projects that you can locate on this page. Taking the time to prepare the area before painting properly also helps to reduce costs, as does using high-quality primers and sealants. By following these tips, you can save money on exterior painting and make your project successful!

Learn About Commercial Exterior Painting Today

Commercial exterior painting can be pricey but pays off in the long run. Don’t forget that the quality of the work included in the cost is also essential.

For a reliable, affordable exterior painting service, rely on professionals like PaintCave. Contact professionals today for an estimated cost of your exterior painting job.

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