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Group Therapy vs Individual Therapy: Addiction Recovery Pros and Cons

Some people try drugs for fun, to learn about themselves, or because friends do. Some do it to manage stress, anxiety, or depression. To cope with it there’s a big difference between group therapy and one-on-one therapy for people who need help.

Both types of therapy have pros and cons when it comes to getting better. In this article, the pros and cons of group therapy vs individual therapy for addiction recovery will be discussed. It will also be shown how well each works and how it impacts people who are struggling with addiction. Read more!

Group Therapy

Group therapy is held weekly with a trained therapist and 6-12 people. We want to provide a safe space for addicts to talk about and work through their issues.


Groups are great for making friends and meeting new people. Talking to others in similar situations reduces shame and isolation.

Many people in group sessions have different experiences and perspectives. This can aid recovery and help each person see their path differently.


Group therapy may not work for everyone, which is bad. Many people feel uncomfortable discussing their issues, which can prevent them from moving forward.

Individual needs may not be the main focus of group therapy. They could be more general to satisfy everyone. This may not give everyone the personalized help they need.

Individual Therapy

Addiction patients see therapists alone. This is individual therapy. What the person wants or needs determines the technique. Motivational interviewing, CBT, and psychodynamic therapy are examples.


The idea of individual therapy can be customized. Tailoring sessions to specific issues can make them more intensive.

Alone therapy allows people to discuss sensitive topics without judgment. If they do this, people may trust and open up. This could improve therapy.


Group therapy may provide more community than individual therapy. Its biggest flaw. When they have no support, some people struggle to stay motivated and in treatment. Because each person gets more attention and sessions last longer, one-on-one therapy may cost more than group therapy.

Which is Right for You?

Select group or individual therapy. No right or wrong answer exists. Both methods have pros and cons. The best one depends on your needs and preferences.

If you enjoy talking to others and work well in groups, group therapy may be right for you. Different therapy may be better if you want more personalized care and treatment.

To find the right balance of individual and group therapy for your recovery process, you may need to explore and view addiction treatment services offered by various professional agencies. These services are made to fit your needs and help you get better. They offer a good mix of support, one-on-one help, and group work.

A Guide to Know the Differences of Group Therapy vs Individual Therapy

Group therapy vs individual therapy can both help people get over their addiction, but they do so in different ways. Who you pick will depend on what you want, how comfortable you want to be, and what kind of therapy you need. In individual therapy, there are a lot of people who can help you one-on-one.

Group therapy, on the other hand, gives you a support system of caring people and a lot of different points of view. Most people should use both therapies to recover. Remember that any therapy shows strength. You and others can improve.

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