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Fashion Tips: How to Accessorize a Dress for Any Occasion

When it comes to fashion, different occasions require different looks. And one of the best ways to transition your style from day to night is with the right accessories.

There’s no need for multiple outfit changes if you plan on attending different events throughout a single day. All you need is a versatile dress, and a few smart accessorizing hacks to help you look the part. 

Whether you work from home, you’re an office worker, school teacher, or nurse, here’s how to accessorize a dress for almost any occasion. 

Accessorize a Dress with Layers 

First thing first, you’re going to need a simple, versatile, and comfortable dress that you feel your best in. You can never go wrong with a tailored LBD (little black dress), or something in a neutral color such as cream, gray, or even navy blue.  

Your dress serves as your base layer and will set the tone for how you’re able to accessorize. So make sure you choose this base layer wisely.  

A great way to make it look like you’ve done a complete outfit change (without actually changing your dress) is accessorizing with layers. For example, you could wear a simple blouse or camisole under your dress during the day so that it’s more workplace-appropriate. Then, ditch this layer in the evening and add a blazer over the top of your dress, pair it with heels and some sparkly earrings and you have a chic evening ensemble. 

Or, for something a little more edgy, layer your dress with a leather jacket and boots. 

Add Mini Modifications

Let’s say you like the ensemble you have on during the day but you want to add a little something-something to make it more evening-appropriate. This is super simple with the addition of small modifications and accessories. 

A basic example is ditching your oversized work tote and adding a cross body bag or elegant clutch to your outfit. Check out these leather cross body handbags for more inspiration. If your outfit is very casual with a baseball cap and sunglasses, swap those out for a cute hat and scarf for a more polished look. 

It’s as simple as adding a waistbelt to cinch in your waistline for an extra touch of detail.  

Add a Touch of Sparkle 

Nothing takes a daytime look into the evening like a bit of sparkle. All you need to do is stash a few pieces of jewelry in your handbag before you hit the road, and you can transform your work attire into something a little more eye-catching. 

Think along the lines of a bold necklace if your dress is simple and has the right neckline. You could also opt for layering necklaces, large hoop earrings, or stacked bracelets. A good tip is to choose jewelry pieces that contrast with the color of your dress. So, if you’re wearing something monochromatic, go for chunky gold or silver pieces, or even a touch of diamante. 

Add Some Height 

This is probably the simplest trick in the book when you’re aiming to transform an outfit. Swapping out your ballet flats, sandals, or sneakers for heels is a reliable go-to whether you’re going on a date, meeting your friends for drinks, or meeting clients for dinner.

However, you must pick with right heel for the occasion. If you’re going to a bar and will most likely stand for a good chunk of time, opt for a chunky heel or even a platform boot. If you plan on going out dancing, the same type of sensible heel applies. 

A great way to make a statement and feel super sexy for a date night is with a sleek stiletto. 

Opt for a Multi-Functional Dress

There’s a way to be tactical about the dress you wear to take your look from day to night with as little fuss as possible. Choose a dress that you can wear in several different ways. 

A good example is the humble t-shirt dress. You could pair this with leggings during the day, loafers, and a cool jacket. For an evening look, swap out the legging for sheer stockings, boots, and waistbelt. 

You could pair a classic slip dress with a t-shirt underneath, a denim jacket, and sneakers for your daytime ensemble. Then, lose the t-shirt, add a blazer, and some sexy heels and you’re ready for the night.  

Adjust the Color and Texture Palette

If there’s one way to set the mood it’s with color. Sure enough, you might not opt to wear sequins, velvet, or a bright emerald green dress during the daytime. However, you can accessorize with these types of colors and textures to spruce up your look for an evening outing. 

It’s as easy as packing a sequined, sparkly jacket to throw over your simple, base-layer dress. Add a pop of color with a brightly-toned blazer, or pair of heels. You could even throw on a colorful scarf or add a playful clutch bag to make your outfit more event-appropriate. 

Play with Proportions

If your daytime look is on the more casual, relaxed side in terms of fit, another smart way to make your evening outfit look put-together is by playing with proportions and shape. 

If your dress is not fitted, you can make it more figure-hugging by adding a waist belt, a waistcoat, or a form-fitting blazer. If you want to add texture and proportion, throw on a pretty cardigan over your dress, add a blazer, and then cinch it in with a belt. 

Sharpen Your Sense of Fashion

These are just a few of the simplest yet most effective ways to accessorize a dress without too much fuss. Plan your outfit the night before, packing the best bits in a tote bag that you can bring with you throughout your day’s activities. If all else fails, a statement pair of earrings or heels will do the trick if that’s all you can fit in your bag! 

Want to learn more about fashion, styling, and feeling your best? Take some time to explore the rest of this site for more.  

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