breast augmentation recovery week by week

Breast Augmentation Recovery Week by Week: What to Expect

Breast augmentation is a popular procedure in the United States, with 60 percent of procedures occurring for cosmetic reasons. It’s an excellent way to change your appearance and regain that sense of confidence in your body. It’s an invasive procedure; you must know what to expect when you schedule your appointment.

Understanding the timeline of breast augmentation recovery week by week will help you monitor your body and identify any worrying signs. You’ll likely experience breast augmentation pain, and the proper care is vital to ensure you get the before and after results you want.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right spot to learn more about the recovery process and tips for post-surgical care. Continue reading to know what to expect as you heal from breast augmentation today!

One Day After

The day after your breast augmentation procedure, it’s best to expect swelling around your breastbone. Mild swelling and bruising are also common during this stage of recovery. The breasts will look firm and compressed, and it’s wise to wear a non-compressing sports bra at all times except to shower.

Expect your breasts to look more like pecs one day after the surgery. Your doctor will also prescribe you medications to manage the pain. It’s worth paying extra for the Best Breast Augmentation procedure.

One Week After

After one week, the implants will still look high and compressed, but the projection will change. The breast tissue will look high and tight for your desired physical appearance. The swelling and pain around your breastbone will be gone one week after the surgery.

It’s safe to sleep on your back after one week, though you may start feeling itching or burning sensations. You can also walk for exercise a few days after the procedure. It’s the first step toward resuming your usual exercise routine.

Three Weeks After

After three weeks, much of the healing process will unfold. Your breasts will still look high and compressed, but they’ll work toward a more natural look. All bruising should be gone by the third week of recovery.

It’s typical to experience shooting pains and burning for a few weeks after surgery. Monitor the condition for the future, but don’t panic if you’re still experiencing these sensations. Resuming physical activity by this point in your recovery is also best.

12 Weeks After

After 12 weeks, your breasts should be close to their desired shape and size. The breasts will continue to soften, and the swelling will become nonexistent.

You can also eliminate surgical tape for your incisions by this point in the recovery process. You’re approaching full recovery from the procedure after 12 weeks.

Now You’re an Expert on Breast Augmentation Recovery Week by Week

Monitoring your breast augmentation recovery week by week is a vital step to getting the before and after results you crave. The proper steps will help you use the best breast augmentation care to reduce swelling and speed up healing. Follow your doctor’s orders and remain patient as swelling decreases and your breasts assume their new position and shape.

Boosting self-confidence is vital for a happy life. Explore our Fashion and Lifestyle articles for more tips to grow your confidence today!

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