Best Doom Games

Best Doom Games to Help Satiate Your Rage

We get it, every once in a while a gamer needs a punching bag to take their frustration out on. There could be a multitude of factors that have you on edge. Maybe you fought with your loved one, maybe your parents grounded you, or maybe your dog ate your homework. Taking your anger out on the real world would only lead to further problems. So, why not instead become the Doom Guy and chop, slash, and blast away at enemies to cool off?

Doom is the perfect solution for such maddening days. The entire game is centered on the main theme of carnage and gleeful nihilism. Jump into the boots of everyone’s favorite space marine and self-certified horror to horrors, Doom Guy, and get cracking with a delicious assortment of weapons at your behest.

Tempted? Well, let’s check out which Doom games to invest in!

Doom 64

Initially planned to release just for the Nintendo 64 but then also reworked and ported to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we have Doom 64! The game originally came out in 1997 and was an absolute joy to play with its grimy graphics and grisly executions. Doom 64 was an upgrade over the original game because it introduced new sprites as well as new weapons.

A highlight here in the arsenal department was the Unmaker, which was intended for the first title but never made it in there. Many of the audio effects were changed too, to make them sound better and more modernistic. 

Doom 3

Doom 3 essentially wiped the slate clean of all the previous Doom entries. It shifted gears and made the game more about the story rather than senseless, joyful killing. NPCs could be found in every nook and cranny either to make conversation with or to acquire helpful boons from. The entire setting of D3 was also more horror-like and less action-based. Which is probably why it didn’t settle with a good bit of the fanbase. 

Doom Eternal

The coming of Eternal was when Bethesda decided to switch things up a notch. Released for the PS4, PC, Stadia, and Xbox One, Doom Eternal was an ode to the glory days of Doom because it brought back almost everything that made fans go crazy over back in the day. This is also why it is still such a heavy file to download to this day.

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Doom 1993

The one and only OG Doom. Being the first of the series to grace stores all the way back in 1993, Doom 93 had a profound impact on gamers. Primarily because it was the first game to introduce the First Person Shooter (FPS) experience. FPS games today project an entire branch of competitive gaming with millions of dollars poured annually into global tournaments. 

Doom 93 still is a brilliant option for those of you who’d like to experience unfiltered gore, hack-slash, and the original Doom Guy in all his glory. Fight through waves of demons as they come at you in 6-bit fashion and cobble them with your trusty shotty. Boom boom goes the Doom-guy.

Mighty Doom

Bethesda’s latest spin-off as well as latest entry, Mighty Doom is a game designed for mobile devices. It does a pretty good job of retaining all that Doom is known for; unfiltered mayhem. Players take control of a chibified Doom guy who is controlled through swipes and taps and goes on a merry adventure through various rooms and locations to spill the insides of demonic beasts.

All while picking up power ups, upgrades, and health to establish himself as the ultimate weapon to fight mindless fiends. Mighty Doom has so far received mixed reviews but what everyone agrees on is that it does fuel one’s inner desire to rage without second thoughts. The arsenal is good, the graphics are good and the destruction wrought is on a very good scale.


That’s a wrap for all the tantalizing Doom games we have for you. Each title has a delicious selection of weaponry and bestiary for you to go crazy on/with. So check them out on the platform of your choice and get cracking on those demons!

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