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Andrea Sampoli: Telling Your Wedding Story through My Lens

You’re getting married – congratulations! Now comes the fun part of planning the big day. Have you thought about how you want to capture and remember all the beautiful moments of your wedding? As an Italy wedding photographer, telling your unique love story through creative and compelling images is my passion. I want to transport you back to your wedding day for years to come through natural, spontaneous photographs. My name is Andrea, and I would love the opportunity to be your personal storyteller, catching all the heartfelt emotions and priceless reactions of you and your loved ones. Close your eyes and imagine scrolling through vibrant photos of your first look, your walk down the aisle, your first dance as newlyweds. These are the memories I can create and curate for you to cherish for a lifetime. You can find more about my work and contact me on my website at

Capturing Your Special Day in Tuscany

As a Tuscany wedding photographer, it is my desire to document your special day there. I want to capture your love story and all the treasured moments you’ll want to remember forever on your wedding day in this stunning area.

My approach is unforced and direct. Instead of using manufactured postures, I think photos should capture the happiness and feelings of the occasion. I make an effort to disappear into the background so that I can capture candid photos of your sincere grins, laughter, and heartfelt exchanges. In order to meet family expectations, I also make sure to snap some formal portraits and group shots.

Tuscany’s landscapes make for the ideal setting for beautiful photographs. Whether you choose a historic villa, winery, or olive grove as your location, the timeless architecture and landscapes create pictures you’ll treasure for years to come. At the site you’ve selected, I am aware of all the greatest locations for picturesque photos.

I document all the special moments of your celebration, starting with getting ready with friends and ending with your first dance. You’ll be able to relive the passion and festivity of the day by looking through your album later. When your spouse first saw you in your gown, you’ll be able to witness the expression on their face. The happy tears shed by loved ones. The happiness of friends.

The keepsake I create for you will convey the narrative of your special love for future generations. Your wedding pictures will take you back to that idyllic day in Tuscany when you’re married life first started. Let’s create some memories as I take pictures of them.

Telling Your Love Story through My Photography

My objective as a wedding photographer is to portray the essence of your romance and relationship. For you to treasure for years to come, I want to turn your wedding day into a visual story.

My Photography Approach

My style of wedding photography is natural and spontaneous. I like to blend into the background and capture authentic moments as they unfold. At the same time, I bring a creative eye to composition and lighting, highlighting the beauty in each scene.

Some of my favorite shots are the unscripted moments: a private joke between the two of you, a glance across the room, holding hands during your first dance. I also love incorporating details that represent your relationship, whether favorite hobbies, treasured mementos, or locations that are meaningful to you.

Using a combination of posed and candid shots, I tell the story of your wedding day from beginning to end. The getting ready photos, your “first look,” the ceremony, reception, portraits, cake cutting, toasts, and send off. Looking through your wedding album should transport you back to the joy and magic of that day.

My goal is for you to not only love the photos of how you looked, but also feel the emotion of the moments captured. I want your wedding photos to evoke all the feelings you had during this important day of your life. That is truly capturing and telling your love story.

Let’s meet to discuss your wedding vision and how I can use my photography skills to translate that vision into images you’ll cherish for a lifetime. I’d be honored to tell your love story through my lens.

My Approach to Wedding Photography

My approach to wedding photography is all about capturing the emotion and joy of your special day in Italy. I aim to tell your unique love story through a collection of candid, creative shots.

Natural and Unposed

A candid, unposed approach to photography is what I favor. My objective is to disappear into the background and record unplanned events as they happen. I want the excitement, intimacy, and passion that permeate the day to come through in my images. Posing for too contrived images frequently comes out as forced and makes the pair miss the chance to enjoy each moment in its entirety.

Creative with an Artistic Flair

While I shoot in a documentary style, I also like to get creative with angles, lighting, and composition. I play with depth of field, lens flare, and other techniques to produce artistic, dramatic images. From sweeping landscapes to intimate close-ups, I strive for visual variety and impact. My style has been described as natural yet artistic, real yet stunning.

Focused on You

My goal as your wedding photographer is to serve as a visual narrator of your day. I try to capture emotions of delight, fleeting glances of affection, soft embraces, and all the little moments that make your wedding truly you. Every time you look through your wedding album, I want you to be able to revisit the feelings you experienced on this special day. The images ought to take you back in time and space and serve as a reminder of what is truly important: your shared love.

By adopting an unobtrusive yet artistic approach, using natural light when possible, and focusing on capturing authentic moments, I aim to produce creative and compelling photographs that document your wedding day in Italy. My style is all about crafting images as unique and memorable as your love story.

Gallery of Wedding Images From Across Italy

As an Italian wedding photographer, I aim to capture the beauty and emotion of your special day through a collection of candid, creative photos. My style is all about spontaneity – capturing real smiles, joyful tears and loving glances as they happen naturally. I want to tell the story of your wedding day through a visual narrative of heartfelt, unposed images.

The Scenery

The gorgeous Tuscan countryside provides a stunning backdrop for wedding photos. We’ll explore the area around your wedding venue to find the most picturesque locations. Cypress trees, rolling hills, vineyards and olive groves are all possibilities. Ancient stone architecture, cobblestone paths and rustic doors also make for beautiful photos. If your venue is near the sea, we can head to the beach or coastline at sunset for dramatic photos with a golden sky.

The Moments

I put a lot of effort into capturing special occasions like your first glance, journey down the aisle, exchange of vows, and first kiss as husband and wife. the responses of your visitors, the laughter during speeches, and the touching moments with family. I capture the excitement of having a good time and dancing with friends. These genuine, unstaged moments are what will make your wedding pictures come to life and allow you to remember how lovely the day was for years to come.


While many of the photos will be candid, I also like to create artistic portraits and styled shots of the two of you together. We’ll explore the venue and surrounding area for inspiring backdrops and scenery to use. I may bring in additional props like flowers, ribbons or string lights to add visual interest. Unique angles, lighting and composition all come into play to produce creative, dramatic images you’ll cherish.

By combining stunning scenery, emotional moments and an artistic eye, I aim to craft a collection of photographs that beautifully tell the story of your wedding in Italy. My goal is for you to relive the joy of this special day each time you look through your album.

Booking Me as Your Wedding Photographer

So, you’ve decided that my documentary style is the perfect fit for capturing your wedding day memories in Italy. Fantastic! The next step is booking me as your wedding photographer.

Contacting Me

The best way to get in touch is through my website. Send me a message with some details about your wedding including the date, location, and your vision for photography. I’ll check my availability and, if I’m free on your date, we can set up an initial phone call to discuss everything.

The Consultation

Our first phone meeting is a chance for us to get to know each other and make sure we’re the right match. We’ll talk about locations you’re considering, the overall style you want, important shots you must have, and any other questions you may have. I’ll explain my process for a typical wedding day and give you an idea of what to expect. By the end of our call, you should feel confident in moving forward or know that I’m not the right photographer for you.

The Contract

If we both decide to proceed after the initial phone call, I’ll send you a contract to review and sign. A signed contract and retainer fee reserve your date in my schedule. The contract outlines details like the number of hours of coverage, specific shots and locations you want included, my editing process, and when you can expect to receive your final images.

Planning the Details

In the months leading up to your wedding, we’ll stay in close contact to plan all the photography details. We’ll determine a schedule for the day, must-have shots and family photos you want, and pin down locations for portraits. I may also do an engagement portrait session so we can get used to working together before the big day. Thorough planning and clear communication are key to capturing all the moments and memories you want from your wedding.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to having a photographer you trust and stunning images you’ll cherish for years to come. I look forward to telling your wedding story through my lens!


You now have a glimpse into how Andrea Sampoli, a photographer, approaches capturing your special love story through her lens. My objective is to create a creative collection of photos that accurately reflects the feelings and special moments of your wedding day. I want you to be instantaneously brought back to that location and time when you browse through your book in the future, recalling all the little details and reliving the happiness you experienced there. Get in touch if an emotive, candid style of photography resonates to you. I’d be honored to have the chance to make your wedding day into a work of art and produce memories that you’ll treasure always. Ciao!

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