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Alien Tape vs Gorilla Tape: The Ultimate Showdown

When learning how to choose a mounting tape, you will find many options. But when it comes to the handyman basics, you might come across the debate of Alien Tape vs Gorilla Tape.

So, which one should you get? It’s best to learn the pros and the cons of each type. This way, you can decide on which one works better.

Here’s a quick look at how they differ.

What Is Alien Tape?

Alien Tape is a popular brand of nano tape for its flexibility to work across different surfaces. It comes in a gel-like material with an adhesive that works on almost anything. It also comes in several sizes, from small strips to large, full rolls.

The Pros of Alien Tape

Before you choose, you want to learn the benefits of Alien Tape to see if it fits your needs. It includes the following:

Easy to Use

One of the primary reasons lots of people prefer to use Alien Tape is because it’s easy to use, including cutting, shaping, and applying. You can also create custom shapes and sizes to make sure it’s a perfect fit.


Alien Tape is mainly known for leaving no residue after use. It also prevents surfaces from getting damaged after taking them off.


This tape is designed to be used several times before it loses its stickiness. In some cases, you can wash or dry it to remove any debris and attach it back like new.

The Cons of Alien Tape

Like other tapes, Alien Tape has a couple of drawbacks. It includes the following:

Limited Weight Capacity

Many suggest using it only for lightweight objects since it can only carry a few pounds. So, it may not hold up if you use it for large or heavy things.

Weaker Adhesive

The adhesive is weaker than most traditional tapes, so you want to stick to using it for lightweight items.

What Is Gorilla Tape?

When you consider different types of mounting tape, Gorilla is one of the top brands that comes to mind. It’s known for being strong, durable, and flexible to use across different spaces and items. The tape uses a double adhesive, making it extra sticky!

The Pros of Gorilla Tape

There are several benefits of Gorilla Tape that you may want to consider. You can click here to learn more, but generally, the following are some to note:

Durable Adhesive

Gorilla Tape is reliable when you want to mount heavy objects since it offers a strong hold. The adhesive has multi-layers, making it strong and durable.

Weather Resistant

This tape is capable of handling indoor and outdoor conditions. It’s resistant to water, UV rays, and other extreme temperatures.

Quick Results

Because of its hold, you can get immediate results when you use Gorilla Tape to attach different items. It can even work on leaks and patching holes.

The Cons of Gorilla Tape

Now, the following are the downsides of using Gorilla Tape, despite how well it works:

Costs More

This kind of tape is usually more expensive than other options. Even so, it pays off with its durability and effectiveness.

Residue or Surface Damage

Gorilla Tape is not residue-free, so you may notice stickiness or damage when you remove them.

Find the Better Choice Between Alien Tape vs Gorilla Tape

When deciding between Alien Tape vs Gorilla Tape, it’s best to weigh the pros and cons first. Each has its own perks, so you want to know how they differ to ensure they fit your needs.

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