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9 Tips for Hiring Managed IT Services in San Antonio for Your Company

What if you didn’t need to hire a team of in-house IT experts to ensure you had 24/7 access to the IT help you need? The global managed services market could grow by 13.6% before 2030. More businesses are relying on managed IT services to operate efficiently.

Not every managed IT company will offer the services you’re looking for. Here are nine tips to help you find the best managed IT services in San Antonio. Streamline your search today!

1. Turn to Your Network

Before requesting managed IT services, turn to your professional network. Ask other business owners if they can refer you to a managed IT company. Ask questions about their experience working with their IT specialist.

Consider asking:

  • How long have you used their services?
  • Are they knowledgeable?
  • What services do you request?
  • Are you satisfied with the services you received?
  • Did you encounter any issues working with them?

If the client had issues working with the IT help desk, ask if the company tried to resolve the problem. Look for a company that cares about their clients.

Use your professional contacts to build a list of companies to reach further. Your contacts can also help you determine which companies to avoid. Remove companies from your list if they’re unprofessional or unresponsive.

When you need help, you shouldn’t have to wait hours or even days. Downtime can cost your business customers and money.

If you’re unable to gather referrals, begin your search online instead. Don’t rush to hire the first managed IT company you find. Fully vet them to ensure you’re choosing a reliable team. 

2. Know Your IT Needs

Before requesting managed IT services, consider the problems your San Antonio company has encountered in the past. For example, you may need help with:

  • Moving to the cloud
  • Software and hardware updates
  • Cybersecurity

If you have more extensive needs, look for a larger company. Determine if the company’s IT specialists cover different areas of expertise. You can request a specialist based on specific needs. 

A larger company will have the resources and team necessary to meet your expectations. You likely won’t experience long wait times.

While smaller companies are more personal, they can sometimes stretch themselves thin. They may not have specialists in different areas of expertise. 

3. Find an Experienced Managed IT Company

Determine how long each managed IT company has offered their services. Look for an established business. You won’t have to worry about them disappearing overnight.

Established IT companies have processes in place to ensure efficiency. They’ll help you save time and money with more productive and effective processes. You can streamline your search for managed IT services in San Antonio here.

Ask each company for proof of their credentials. Make sure they’re licensed and insured. 

4. Look for a Dedicated Technician

Ask each company if they’ll provide you with access to a dedicated technician. You can work with one IT specialist each time you require help. You won’t have to explain the past problems you encountered.

Determine who you’ll work with. Ask questions about their credentials, education, and training. 

Ask if the technician has worked with businesses within your industry in the past. Their prior experience can benefit your company. They’ll have a better understanding of your industry, customers, and business technology needs. 

Consider how long the technician has offered IT services. Ask if they specialize in a specific area of expertise. Make sure their knowledge and training align with your goals. 

5. Explore Their Managed IT Services

Look for a company that offers a range of managed IT services. You’ll only need to call them when you need support. These services may include:

  • Managed IT services
  • Comprehensive IT services
  • Network services
  • IT consulting
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud services
  • Network services
  • Azure Cloud
  • Azure virtual desktop
  • Co-managed services
  • Microsoft 365

Ask each company how their services will benefit your business. For example, can they increase your efficiency and agility? Will their services save you time and money, and if so, how?

Look for a company that will customize their services based on your needs. If they use a cookie-cutter approach when offering local IT services, keep searching. 

6. Ask About Response Times

Remember, downtime can cost you money. Your team’s productivity will plummet, leaving operations at a standstill. When you need IT help, you need it immediately.

Ask each company about their average response times. Determine how long it will take them to resolve certain issues.

If the company doesn’t have case studies regarding their response times, check online. Customer reviews can help you determine if the company experiences delays. 

7. Discuss Their IT Help Process

Learn more about each company’s process. How will you submit a ticket when you need help? You can call, send an email, or submit a ticket online.

The company shouldn’t wait until you experience problems. Instead, they should be proactive and audit your current business technology systems. They can recognize areas that could become potential problems later.

Avoid companies that use the break-fix method. These teams wait for problems, diagnose the issue, and troubleshoot solutions. It’s more cost-effective to improve your systems before you experience downtime. 

8. Read Reviews

Read online reviews for each IT company on your list. You can find reviews on:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Yelp
  • Google Business

Look for IT companies that have glowing reputations. These teams will strive to maintain that well-earned reputation by offering top-notch services. 

9. Compare Prices

Ask each company for an itemized list of the local IT services they offer. Compare costs between three local companies. 

Comparing costs will help you recognize the industry average. If one company charges higher than the rest, question why. If their pricing is lower, it’s possible they’re desperate for clients.

Request a copy of each company’s contract. Determine if they offer guarantees or charge cancelation fees. 

Find Managed IT Services in San Antonio Today

Don’t hire the first managed IT provider you find online. Instead, look for the best managed IT services in San Antonio based on your needs. Partnering with the right company can help your business grow long-term.

Searching for more helpful tips and guides? You’ve come to the right blog. Check out our latest business articles today!

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