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7 Benefits of Managed IT Services

Creating a robust business network and protecting your data are paramount for small businesses in the United States. Eighty percent of companies experienced data breaches from hackers. Opting to be stagnant with your IT needs could cost your brand millions of dollars and significant amounts of loyal customers.

Choosing to outsource your IT needs to managed IT services is an excellent move to help your company reach its potential. It’s an effective method for saving time, money, and resources. Knowing the benefits of managed IT services is the first step toward efficient business processes and data protection.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the perfect guide to learn about the seven advantages you gain from working with a team of experts. Continue reading to upgrade your IT services today!

1. Improved Budgeting

Budgeting is a challenge for many businesses, and more in-house departments result in more money spent to continue business operations. Investing in software and equipment to build and protect your business network is another expense to account for.

You can eliminate most of those expenses when you hire a team of experts from a managed IT service to help you. The experts will maintain your network and make upgrades as needed. They’ll have the expertise and knowledge to help your brand stay ahead of hackers.

These experts will also help you forecast future expenses. It’s a massive win for your budgeting needs when you harness the benefits of managed IT services.

2. Access to Experts

When running your company, you shouldn’t have to choose between paying significant money to an in-house IT team or relying on members of your sales team with tech knowledge to resolve your IT issues. One of the top benefits of working with managed IT services is access to a team of experts.

Recruiting an IT expert to join your staff costs money and requires an impressive pitch. When hiring IT services, you’ll have expert assistance one call away. The faster response time will help you resolve IT issues and prevent significant downtime during peak hours.

You’ll get the help you need at a fraction of the cost. It’s a much better alternative than hiring a full-time IT staff member. You’ll get the help you need when you need it without paying more money than you need to.

3. Data Protection

Data protection is paramount for businesses to protect their financial information and customer data. Failure to protect this information could result in your data being held hostage by ransomware. The experts at your managed IT service will know the best methods for data protection to prevent your sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

You’ll experience less downtime with help from your team of experts. They’ll protect your data proactively and use disaster recovery techniques to keep your brand running.

The managed IT service will also use constant monitoring and cybersecurity methods to identify and fix vulnerable parts of your network. It’s also the best way to access top software solutions at a manageable rate.

4. Minimized Downtime

Network failures can put your brand in a bind if you’re unprepared. Even with an in-house IT expert working for your brand, it’s possible to experience significant downtime. A minute of downtime can cost your small business up to $9,000.

Paying managed IT services is a small price to pay compared to the money you’ll lose when your network crashes. These experts will take proactive steps to minimize your downtime and resume normal business activities.

They’ll use network monitoring, business continuity planning, and data backups to protect your brand. It’s one of your company’s most overlooked benefits of managed IT services.

5. Maximize Cloud Storage

The cloud has gained significant popularity with businesses over the past decade. It’s an excellent way to store data in a safe location without committing valuable office space to a massive server. As the cloud gains more traction, businesses need assistance from managed service providers to maintain the cloud and business network.

Your team of experts will manage your security risks using cloud data backups. If you lose it during a natural disaster or data breach, you’ll have your data ready to go.

They’ll explain the cloud to your employees and train them to get the most value from its technology. You can also count on your managed IT service to help you scale your network to keep up with client demands as your brand grows. Services like Infinity Network Solutions will meet your needs.

6. Scalability

If you’re running a small business with tremendous growth potential, hiring a managed IT service to help you set up the best infrastructure is vital. A limited business network will falter as your brand and customer demand grows. One of the significant benefits of managed IT services is the ability to scale your network to match your needs.

Many small businesses discover they need to scale but can’t justify paying a full-time IT expert. The team of experts will provide the support you need to manage growth. You can count on having the best resources to scale your company’s operations.

7. Security Training

Your employees are your brand’s last line of defense when protecting your network and data from cyber threats. A perk of hiring managed IT services is the security training and tips they’ll provide to your employees.

Phishing scams and other cyber attacks can be prevented by learning how to identify sketchy emails and using two-factor authentication. Keep hackers at bay by training your employees about social engineering scams.

Enjoy the Benefits of Managed IT Services for Your Company

Covering your IT needs and practicing data protection is a lot of work to put on your employees, and hiring an in-house IT expert is unaffordable for most companies. Harnessing the benefits of managed IT services is an excellent way to create a robust and scalable business network. You’ll boost your data protection while saving time and money.

Learning to use technology is essential to keep your brand ahead of competitors. Explore our Tech and Business articles for helpful tips and guides to growing your company today!

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