unique places to visit in texas

5 Unique Places to Visit in Texas

When most people think of Texas, they imagine rodeos, country music, and good southern eating. However, there’s so much more to the state than those stereotypes. In fact, the best travel tips will tell you to travel outside of the major cities to some more obscure locations. 

After all, where else are you going to find the most ghost towns in all of the United States? If you want to travel through open deserts and see the stars, then Texas is the place to visit. 

Here are some of the most unique places to visit in Texas if you want a memorable experience. 

1. Sparky Park

In Austin, Texas, you can visit Sparky Park to see a creative piece of artwork. Previously an electrical substation, Sparky Park is now an interactive piece of art that you can walk through and explore.

Local artist Berthold Haas constructed the first piece of the art installation in 2008, and it has since developed with the help of others in the neighborhood. Expect to have some great photoshoot opportunities here. 

2. Marfa, Texas

Marfa, Texas is most noteworthy for the Marfa Lights. This light phenomenon has often been associated with paranormal phenomena such as ghosts and UFOs. They may take the appearance of headlights or moving orbs of light. 

You can find the viewing area about nine miles outside of town. Alternatively, there’s an annual lights festival you can visit if you get the chance. 

3. Museum of the Weird

If you want to see truly strange stuff when you visit Texas, then look no further than the Museum of the Weird. This attraction in Austin has oddities on display, such as shrunken heads, Bigfoot fossils, and more. 

There’s also a gift shop if you want to bring home some of the weirdness.

4. Natural Bridge Caverns

The Natural Bridge Caverns are the largest known commercial caverns in Texas. The tours that go through here include climbing, hiking, and even exploring dark areas with lanterns. Outside of the caverns, you can find rope courses, an outdoor maze, and more. 

If you’re lucky, you may be able to mine up some gemstones and fossils to call your own. 

5. The Adrian E. Flatt, M.D., Hand Collection

Perhaps one of the weirdest places to go in Texas is the Hand Museum, which features bronze casts of both famous and significant individuals. Here, you can find the hands of Walt Disney, Dwight Eisenhower, and even Doctor Seuss. It’ll make for a great story and some interesting photos. 

If you’re interested in more family-friendly sights and sounds, click here for more information. 

Try Out These Unique Places to Visit in Texas 

The last thing you want is for your Texas vacation to turn out boring. There’s nothing as typical as going to the big cities and eating at the biggest tourist spots. They’re called tourist traps for a reason, and you may be better off looking for some of the most unique places to visit in Texas. 

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