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3 Cute Ways to Incorporate Fun Printed Fabric in Your Home

The process of printing cloth is among the oldest practices known to man. It seems to trace back to India several thousand years ago. It didn’t come to the Western world until the 1600s.

These days, fun printed fabric is everywhere from our blankets to our clothes. People are creating new fabric designs every day. With so many options, you might be wondering how to make your home fun and unique with printed fabrics.

We’ll offer some advice here.

1. Axolotl Fabric

If you’re looking for something unique, axolotl printed fabrics are the way to go. Once worshipped as a god by the Aztecs, this strange amphibian is now close to extinction. 

However, this might change, as these cute little creatures have become quite popular as mascots in recent years. Their strange shape and smiling faces make them excellent for a kid’s room.

You can even use axolotl decorations as a teaching opportunity. If more people knew about the smiling creatures on their blankets and pillows going extinct, they might be motivated to help.

You can purchase axolotl fabric here.

2. Curtains

Curtains have been a great use of fabric for generations. We’ve had curtains longer than glass windows. They date back thousands of years to when windows were just holes in the wall. Now, with a rod and a bit of sewing skills, you can make a great set of curtains. 

Curtains score high in terms of versatility. They can be used in any room with a window. Looking good is not enough, though. Curtains serve the purpose of blocking sunlight, which means that certain fabrics and colors will work better than others.

When it comes to fabric options, most agree that thicker types of fabrics work best for blocking out light. Color, however, is less certain. Both darker colors and brighter colors work well, so you have a wide range of options. You should consider the room as a whole when selecting a color. 

As long as you use an opaque color, you shouldn’t have any problems. You could go the extra mile and make blackout curtains, but that’s much more difficult. 

3. Pillow Covers

 Pillow covers are among the easiest things to make out of fabric, and they’re great for decorating your home. They add character to a room and can help you show off your personality. Your biggest challenge will be finding the right fabric that blends in with your room. 

Pillow covers aren’t just for bedrooms. You can even make covers for the throw pillows on your couch. Keep in mind that these might be harder to make than traditional pillow covers because sofa pillows are often thicker and square rather than rectangular.

Fun Printed Fabric

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate fun printed fabric in your home, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve discussed some ways to use fabric here, but there’s a lot more than we could talk about.

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