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Pilates Mat vs Yoga Mat: Which to Choose for Your Practice

If you spend any amount of time exercising, you know how many supplies it takes. Bathing suits, leggings, running shoes–the options for workout gear seem to grow each year!

You likely have questions if you are in the market for a new mat. Should you go with yoga or pilates? Or should you get a regular exercise mat? How can you pick the perfect rug?

Let’s take a minute to unpack the differences between pilates mat vs yoga mat and help you get the best carpet for your needs.

Comfort Level

A yoga mat is thinner than a Pilates mat and provides a more excellent range of motion during practice. They are also more lightweight and portable, making them an ideal choice for those who need to practice on the go.

However, the lack of cushioning and thickness can create discomfort if you are doing poses or stretches that require you to spend a lot of time in one position.

A Pilates mat is thicker, providing more cushioning and comfort for your practice. It is also slightly more stable than a yoga mat, making it a better option if you are doing both pilates and yoga. Ultimately, a Pilates mat is likely the better choice for most people’s comfort level when practicing at home.


When it comes to durability, Pilates mats are the clear winner. Pilates mats are made with heavy-duty materials, typically in thicker sizes, incredibly resistant to wear and tear. They are designed to withstand vigorous workouts and handle repeated stretching and bending.

On the other hand, yoga mats are usually much thinner and less durable, especially in comparison to Pilates mats. However, yoga mats often have better sticky mats or grip, which can help prevent sliding during intense yoga poses. 

Texture and Softness

Pilates mats come in various thicknesses but typically range from ¼ to 1 inch. Padding between the body and the floor can be beneficial when doing Pilates exercises that involve lying on the ground or floor. Yoga mats are generally thinner and lighter than Pilates mats and, thus, are easier to transport.

They also come in a variety of lengths and widths. If you are looking for a softer mat, consider a yoga mat designed with softer rubber or foam material. Both types of rugs can be purchased in different colors and textures, allowing you to choose one that best suits your practice.


Regarding portability, yoga mats have a clear advantage since they can be rolled up and are pretty thin, making them easier to carry from one place to another. With Pilates mats, however, they are larger, bulkier, and can be pretty heavy.

They also tend to be thicker and not as easy to roll up, meaning it may be challenging to find a way to carry them around without other means, like a bag. So, regarding portability, yoga mats are the better option due to their lightweight and easy-to-pack features.

Whether you choose either of them, you must promote yoga in your life. It improves bodily awareness, reduces chronic stress patterns, relaxes the mind, directs attention, and sharpens concentration, fostering mental clarity and peace.

Understanding the Differences Between Pilates Mat vs Yoga Mat

Overall, it is essential to understand the differences between a pilates mat vs yoga mat, and it’s really up to you which mat you decide to use. It depends on what type of practice you’ll be doing and what you feel most comfortable with. Whatever you choose, go out there and enjoy your practice.

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