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Pearly Whites: 8 Effective Tips for a Better Smile

Have you ever held back a big grin because you were self-conscious about your smile?

Discoloration and oral health problems can turn into low confidence and an avoidance of the camera. If you don’t want to live this way, you can take simple steps to brighten your teeth without causing damage. 

To get a better smile, you must know what to avoid and what steps you can’t skip. Read below to discover effective strategies that will whiten your teeth. 

1. Practice Regular Oral Hygiene

If you don’t have a consistent routine for your oral hygiene, it’s time you make one.

Each morning and night, set aside time to care for your mouth. You’ll see a major difference in the appearance of your teeth and gums if you regulalry brush, floss, and rinse. Some people add other things into their routine, which you can learn about below, but this is the most important strategy. 

Nearly 50% of the global population suffers from oral diseases that could be easily mitigated with regular brushing. If you go to the doctor and are told you have thin enamel, be mindful of the brush you buy, as the bristles could worsen your teeth, even though you’re brushing. 

2. Eat Your Fruits

Did you know that certain fruits contain enzymes that naturally whiten teeth? 

Strawberries, pineapples, and papayas are some of the best fruits you can add to your diet. These sweet and refreshing fruits are vibrant enough to boost your energy and you won’t be afraid to smile. 

You can eat these fruits, without sugar or chocolate, to gain benefits or add them to your oral routine. Some people mash the fruits and apply them to their teeth to get the benefits directly from the source. 

Fiber-rich foods can also improve your teeth. Raspberries, bananas, and avocados are delicious options to add to your daily diet. 

3. Give Baking Soda a Chance

Baking soda can often be found in the house, but did you know it can do more than help you bake goods?

Baking soda helps whiten teeth, but if you already have a weak enamel, you might want to avoid this strategy. This trick is best for people who want to remove layers of plaque and discoloration to brighten their smile. Baking soda is gentle on the teeth, but still abrasive enough to loosen up plaque and clear the way to whiter teeth. 

If you notice sensitivity after brushing with baking soda, wait a while and brush with fluoride toothpaste. 

4. Don’t Neglect Your Tongue

The mouth is one of the dirtiest and most bacteria-prone areas of the body. 

Not only do bacteria accumulate on your gums and teeth, but also on the tongue. The tongue can harbor many types of bacteria that are harming your enamel. Each time you brush your teeth and floss, get into the habit of cleaning your tongue too.

Many people notice an improvement in their smile and also have better breath. This is a regular habit you don’t want to skip. 

5. Keep Away from Dark & Acidic Beverages

Coffee and red wine might taste delicious, but the acidity can contribute to stains.

Acidic and dark-colored beverages stain the teeth by wearing down the enamel. The acidity eats away at the enamel, which helps protect your teeth and maintain a glowing smile. If you can’t put the cups down, try using a straw or diluting them with water. 

This is one of the most difficult strategies to follow through on when improving your teeth. Many people rely on coffee and tea, which can also contribute to discoloration. Use your best discretion and brush or mouthwash after consuming these beverages if you can’t stay away. 

6. Try Oil Pulling

For many centuries, people have been using oil to rid their mouths of bacteria and plaque. 

Oil pulling should be researched before trying since you want to understand the risks involved with swallowing the oil. The process involves using coconut, or other types of oil, in the mouth and swishing it around.

Oil pulling offers antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits that can help you learn how to get white teeth. They also help remove food particles and sugar left on the teeth and gums, which helps whiten them. 

7. Stop Smoking

Regardless of what you’re smoking, it’s likely damaging your chances of getting white teeth. 

Cigarettes and cigars are some of the first things you should stop smoking when caring for teeth. They are linked to yellowing teeth and oral disease because of the tar, tobacco, and other ingredients. Many people switch to vaping to avoid tooth discoloration, but even that has its downfalls.

Vaping can lead to oral problems and stains, especially if dyes are added to the liquid. The particles in the vapor enter your mouth and the teeth are often the first thing they encounter. If you want to commit to a whiter smile, you need to quit smoking. 

8. Visit the Dentist

Do you remember the last time you visited the dentist?

It’s not uncommon for adults to skip dental appointments. Not only is it an additional expense, but it’s also easy to overlook unless you’re in pain. Going to the dentist each year, however, can get your healthy teeth by reducing plaque buildup. 

Although going to the dentist without insurance can seem costly, it doesn’t make a large difference. Even with insurance, many people still have to pay for whitening and services outside of general cleanings. There are payment options available and free health care coverage to qualifying people, take the time to understand them. 

See a Better Smile in the Mirror 

If you want to see a better smile in the mirror or photos, you need to stay committed to the task. 

Pearly whites require delicate care and you must be mindful of what lingers on your enamel. If your coffee habit is holding you back from a beautiful smile, you can try some of these other strategies. It takes time for changes to become visible, so don’t give up after a few tries. 

Keeping up with oral and mental health can be a challenge with a busy lifestyle. Check out our blog for the best reminders that are easy to absorb and beneficial! 

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