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Is Breast Pump for Enlargement Safe? An Expert Weighs In

Breast pumps have long been used by new mothers to express and store breast milk for their babies.

However, in recent years, some women have begun using breast pumps for a different purpose – breast enlargement. This method involves using a breast pump to suction the breasts to increase their size.

But is this method safe? What are the potential risks and benefits of using a breast pump for enlargement?

In this document, we will delve into these questions and provide you with insights.

So let’s get started!

Ineffectiveness of Breast Pump Enlargement

First and foremost, it is important to note that using a breast pump for enlargement purposes is not an effective method. While some women may experience temporary swelling or fullness in their breasts after using a breast pump, this effect is only short-lived and does not lead to any permanent increase in size.

Potential Risks of Using Breast Pumps for Enlargement

Aside from the ineffectiveness of this method, there are also potential risks involved with using a breast pump for enlargement. These include:


The suction created by the breast pump can cause bruising on the breasts which can be painful and unsightly. This bruising may also take a while to heal. As a result, it is not a recommended method for those looking to achieve fuller breasts.

Tissue Damage

The forceful suction of the breast pump can also damage delicate breast tissue, leading to potential scarring and changes in breast shape. This can also affect the ability to produce breast milk in the future.


Using an unsanitary or poorly maintained breast pump can increase the risk of infection. Any breaks or cracks in the skin caused by the suction can provide an entry point for bacteria, potentially leading to mastitis or other types of infections.

To be safe, you would rather go for a breast lift by Dr. Becker or any other surgeon of your choice. Breast augmentation using implants or fat transfer are also viable options for achieving fuller and larger breasts.

Benefits of Breast Pump Enlargement

While there are certainly risks involved with using a breast pump for enlargement, some may argue that there are potential benefits as well. These include:

Temporary Fullness

As mentioned earlier, some women may experience temporary fullness and swelling in their breasts after using a breast pump for enlargement. While this effect is short-lived, it may provide a temporary boost in confidence for those seeking larger breasts.

Low Cost

Compared to other breast enlargement methods such as surgery or using implants, using a breast pump is relatively low cost. However, the potential risks and ineffectiveness of this method should be taken into consideration before deciding to use it solely for its affordability.

Know the Effects of Breast Pump for Enlargement

While using a breast pump for enlargement purposes may seem like an easy and affordable option, it is not a safe or effective method. The potential risks far outweigh any potential benefits and there are safer alternatives available.

It is important to consult with a medical professional before undergoing any type of breast enhancement procedure. Remember, your health and well-being should always come first.

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